We are revolutionizing the image of the professional woman. Our mission is to help every professional woman look great, feel great and be confident in her  industry. We have chosen to specialize in the professional women’s custom clothing sector by offering an experience of exceptional convenience and quality.

Our vision is to be recognized as the premier custom clothing one-stop shop  for the professional woman. We build relationships with our clients through  superior service and deep respect, always with a personal touch. Doing so allows  Carolyn Cooper to satisfy the unique needs and refined tastes of our busy clients and maintains our position as the world’s premier professional women’s custom clothing provider.

We insure the quality of our products with an in-depth investigation of all vendors that we use. We check our clothing vendors for humanitarian commitments, environmental impacts, and we customize the ordering and communication process to insure prompt delivery of clothing. In all our connections with our clients, business associates and colleagues, we seek to deal with others as we would have them deal with us.
We develop deep meaningful relationships with our clients and vendors. Our clients’ needs change throughout their lives and we change with them. We take the time to develop multiple sources for all manufacturing needs so that we can pivot when needed and continue to provide the same high quality custom clothing.
  • Suit Customization 100% 100%
  • Perfect Fit 100% 100%
  • Product Quality 100% 100%
  • Confidence 100% 100%
  • Empowerment 100% 100%

Her Story


The story of Carolyn Cooper began with her vision to create a wealth fashion experience focused solely on providing professional women access to high quality suits that provide exact fit, luxury comfort, and powerful confidence. She observed many brilliant women being under-appreciated simply because of how they look and dress. She saw an enormous waste of talent and potential. Carolyn realized that many women were struggling with their professional wardrobe. After completing two years of extensive market research, the conclusion was obvious. Women’s suits on the market today are ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and poor quality. Women deserve better!


We want every woman to reach their full potential and the way you dress should reflect your inner professional. We are committed to constant innovation, expansion, and dedication to the highest standards, transforming the industry and redefining professional custom clothing for the modern woman.

“Absolutely love my new suit. It fits really really well and is super comfortable, even on airplanes. The process of getting the suit was simple & straightforward.  I’m absolutely delighted with the suit. ”

“I needed a business suit that I could wear year round as I travel the country to visit my clients so I ordered a light weight fabric for my suit.  It turned out really well, is very durable, and has gotten a lot of use.  Money well spent!”

“Thank you! All the suits fit very nicely. They are very comfortable even when you’re in meetings all day at the office, no wrinkles. The suit quality is really outstanding.”

About Us

We want every woman to reach their full potential and the way you dress should reflect your inner professional.



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