What is the difference between a tailored suit and a custom suit?
A tailored suit is one that is ready-made from a standard pattern, obtained “off the rack” and requires adjustments in order to fit the wearer.  A custom suit is designed from scratch, using the measurements taken from each individual client.
Why do I have to work with a concierge?
We take pride in our client experience and encourage your active participation in the creation of your suit.  Although your suit might have the correct measurements, if the style and color pallet is not flattering for your skin and body type, your concierge will advise you of more flattering alternatives, while keeping your unique style in mind.  The concierge ensures the client ends up with a flattering suit she adores.
Why would I want a custom suit?
Every professional woman should have several professional custom suits.  A custom suit is individually made for the wearer and delicately handcrafted to fit perfectly.  Every woman can own a quality piece of luxury and elegance without the hefty price tag.
Can you replicate a suit style I want?
Absolutely!  This is another benefit of custom made suits.  When meeting with your concierge, bring the actual suit, or a photo of a suit that you really like and discuss how we can turn it into a reality.  Check out the suit lab for excellent options as well.
What is a “two-piece” or a “three-piece” women’s suit?
When we say “two-piece” suit, we are referring to one of three combinations: (1) jacket and slacks, (2) jacket and skirt, (3) jacket and sheath dress.  A “three-piece” suit is simply the addition of either a dress or skirt to a pant suit, or a skirt to a dress suit, etc.  The advantage of the three-piece suit is that you can use the same jacket with different pieces to create a completely fresh look.  Each piece is guaranteed to fit and match, using the same fabrics.  “Three-piece” does not imply a vest, as it does with men’s suits.
What can I expect at my initial appointment with my concierge?
Whether you are meeting in person or via Skype, the process is similar.  The initial consultation usually takes an hour, maybe two if ordering many suits and accessories.  Your concierge will review your personal style and unique needs.  She will review fabric and suit style options with you (if you created some designs in the suit lab, please bring your results).  If meeting in person, she will take measurements for you.  If meeting via Skype, she will assist you in taking your own measurements.  Once your concierge has created your custom suit portfolio, she will send it off to the tailors.
How long until I get my suits?
Your concierge will follow up with you in about 2 weeks and upon the receipt of your order.  She will ensure you are happy with the suit, including assisting with local tailors for any final adjustments.  Your concierge can also assist with accessories like scarves, custom jewelry, coats/wraps, and hand bags.
What forms of payment can I use?
We take major credit cards via PayPal.  50% payment is required at the time of your order and the final 50% is collected when you receive your order and are completely satisfied with your new suits.
How long will my suit last?
This depends on the wearer.  With proper care, your well-made custom suit will last for many years.  Your concierge will review optimal care of your suits with you upon receipt of your order.  Most people tend to over-dry clean their suits, when a good blast of steam will do the trick!
How often do you change out your fabric collection?
We stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and stay well stocked on the classics.  We carry over 1000 fabrics and showcase the latest every quarter.
How often should I have my measurements taken?
Your measurements are only taken at your initial fitting and kept on your client profile for future orders.  If for some reason you would like to have your measurements taken again, please call your concierge and she will be happy to accommodate your request.
Where are you based? Where do you create the suits?
The core team is based in Dallas and Houston, Texas, USA with local concierge services in select US cities.  We work with our global clientele via Skype and email.  Our fabric is imported from Italy.  All our suits are hand made in Hong Kong workshops by third generation tailors.  Final fittings are accomplished with a local tailor.
What do I receive in addition to my suit?
Each of your suits will come with its own storage bag and a proper, heavy weight wooden suit hangar.  A key to keeping your suit’s longevity is proper hanging storage.
What if I just need part of the suit, like just the jacket?
Although we highly recommend purchasing the complete ensemble, we understand that some clients simply need a series of blazers or a set of classy slacks.  Or maybe you want several dresses, but only one jacket.  We gladly accommodate these requests.  Your concierge can review price options with you.
Is Carolyn Cooper an ethical fashion brand?
In her mission to empower women, it is crucial to our founder, Carolyn Cooper, that our suits and accessories be produced ethically with a sustainable business model that does not reply on exploitation.  We insure the quality of our products with an in-depth investigation of all vendors that we use.  We audit our clothing vendors for humanitarian commitments and environmental impacts.  In all our connections with our clients, business associates, and colleagues, we seek to deal with others as we would have them deal with us.
Do you make men’s custom suits?
While our mission and vision revolve around empowering the professional woman, we do also make suits for men.  Contact us for more information.

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